Bonus Terms

Gratowin bonuses are available to users who are in full compliance with our general terms and conditions. It is the customer's responsibility to familiarise themselves with these terms and conditions prior to claiming or accepting any bonus. Please contact support if any clarification is needed.
First Deposit Bonus
Receive your 100%-match First Deposit Bonus from Gratowin with your first deposit of up to €/£/$200 (2000 kr). All you have to do is open an account, make your first deposit of minimum  €/£/$10 (100kr), and your bonus will be implemented immediately and reflected in your account balance.

For example:

  • Deposit €/£/$ 40 (400 kr) get 40 €/£/$ (400 kr) free, play with €/£/$80 (800 kr)
  • Deposit €/£/$50 (500 kr) get €/£/$50 (500 kr) free, play with €/£/$ 100 (1000 kr)
  • Deposit €/£/$ 100 (1000 kr) get 100 €/£/$ (1000 kr)free, play with €/£/$ 200 (2 000 kr)

Please note that:

The total maximum amount that will be given for your 100% First Deposit Bonus is €/£/$200 (2000 kr).
This bonus cannot be combined with any other bonus unless otherwise stated.

In order to cash out any amount of money you must wager at least 50 times the amount of your bonus. For example:

  • Deposit €/£/$ 40 (400 kr) get €/£/$ 40 (400 kr)free, play with €/£/$ 80 (800 kr) . Minimum wager to cash out is €/£/$2,000 (20 000 kr)
  • Deposit €/£/$ 50 (500 kr) get €/£/$ 50 (500 kr) free, play with €/£/$ 100 (1000 kr). Minimum wager to cash out is €/£/$ 2,500 (25 000 kr)
  • Deposit €/£/$ 100 (1000 kr) get €/£/$ 100 (1000 kr) free, play with €/£/$ 200 (2 000 kr). Minimum wager to cash out is €/£/$ 5000 (50 000 kr).

The First Deposit Bonus is limited to one bonus per household and you may only receive one First Deposit Bonus. Players who benefit from this promotion will not be eligible to benefit from any other first deposit bonus promotions offered or run by us.
Your First Deposit Bonus must be wagered within 90 days from the date given - or it will be void and revoked.
The First Deposit Bonus is granted instantly. If for some reason you have not received it and it does not reflect in your account after your deposit was approved, please contact our Support Center before you start playing and they will add it to your account.

The First Deposit Bonus is subject to the Terms of Service and the General Bonus policy which can be found below.
Players who benefit from this promotion and from any other bonus promotions offered by us have the right to withdraw their deposited amount or the rest of their deposited amount or the winnings achieved with their deposited amount at any time, even before the completion of the wagering requirements.
7 €/£/$ (70 kr) Free Sign-Up (No Deposit) Promotion
Once you sign up, you can take your €/£/$ 7 (70 kr) free no-deposit bonus and we will instantly fund your Bonus Balance with €/£/$ 7 (70 kr). You do not have to make a deposit, there are no obligations, and you still have a chance to win.
Unless otherwise stated, the €/£/$ 7 (70 kr) free non deposit bonus is available to first-time players only. Please also note that the €/£/$ 7 (70 kr) free non-deposit bonus’ maximum prizes are different from the standard winnings and are as follows (in currency units):

Card Price

Maximum Prize











  • The €/£/$ 7 (70 kr) bonus must be wagered 50 times before you can cash out.
  • After claiming €/£/$7 free you are required to take the 100%-match First Deposit Bonus on your first deposit. I.e. by taking the  €/£/$7 Free, you implicitly commit to taking the 100%-match First Deposit Bonus on your first deposit.
  • Winnings received through the use of the free bonus or free spins, with no deposit made beforehand, shall not exceed €/£/$200 (2000 kr).
  • Any winnings which shall be made with the free bonus or free spins which exceeds the €/£/$200 (2000 kr) maximum, shall not be recorded as winnings and shall be considered as nil.
  • The player shall be able to withdraw only the maximum winnings of €/£/$200 (2000 kr) subject to the terms specified in the Bonus Policy.


  • All promotions, bonuses and winnings can only be cashed out after you have wagered at least 50 times the amount of bonuses received. For example if you received a free bonus of €/£/$ 10 (100 kr) you must wager €/£/$ 500 (5000 kr) before you can cash out.
  • All bonuses are valid up to the date specified and unless otherwise stated all bonuses and promotions are expired after a period of 7 days of inactivity. Bonuses granted to players that have not made a deposit will be removed from players account after 7 days if the account is not active. The same goes for any money won from that bonus.
  • Players that have deposited funds and where not active for 7 days, will keep their balance in place including the winnings minus any bonus given. This applies to players with a bonus balance remaining.
  • Should you  claim and/or play with the bonus of €/£/$7 free bonus, the  First Deposit Bonus becomes mandatory.
  • Once player has requested to cash out and that cashout is pending, promotions and bonuses are not allowed.
  • The maximum possible bonus amount is €/£/$200 (2000 kr).
  • All bonuses and promotions are subject to our general terms and conditions as well as our withdrawal policy.
  • By participating in any promotion including special offers and/or bonuses, customers are automatically considered to have accepted these terms and conditions. Any breach of the above bonus terms will result in the account balance and/or withdrawal being forfeited.
  • Gratowin reserves the right to change or suspend any promotion/ bonus  at any time. However, If a player has opted into a bonus promotion and/or commenced play in relation to the promotion prior to the date of updated bonus terms and conditions, the bonus conditions at the time the promotion was taken will apply.

Please ensure you enter true and valid information when you sign up - changes after winnings will not be accepted and winnings will be void.
In the event of a dispute,’s decision is final and not subject to appeal.
For any questions or concern please contact us - we’ll be sure to assist you in any way we can.
This Gratowin Bonus Terms  document was drafted in English. In the event of any discrepancy between the meanings of any translated versions of this Bonus Terms Policy and the English language version, the meaning of the English language version will prevail.
Last updated on 17 July 2019